Physics Foundation 12th (Hindi Medium)

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(One year online Program)

What Will I Learn?

  • All lecture Based on NCERT as well as NEET/JEE syllabus.In this course we provided Video lecture just like physical appreance.In it provided assignment of every chapter and Test.

Topics for this course

24 Lessons


Live Classes00:00:00
Lecture-1 electrostatics electric charge00:50:06
Lecture – 2.1 Electrostatics electric charge00:26:29
Lecture – 2.2 Electrostatics electric charge00:20:54
Lecture- 3 Electrostatics electric charge01:03:11
Lecture-4 Electrostatics electric charge00:27:12
Lecture-5 Electrostatics electric charge00:55:23
Lecture-6 Electric charge00:27:21
Lecture-7 Electric charge electroscope00:28:48
Lecture -8 Coulomb’s law01:12:05
Lecture-9 Coulomb’s law numericals01:21:58
Lecture – 10 Electric field and its application00:00:00
Lecture – 11 electric potential energy01:16:31
Lecture-12 Electric potential energy numerical01:04:21
Lecture-13 electric potential00:57:46
Lecture – 14 Electric potential and potential difference01:02:42
Lecture-15 electric potential numerical00:00:00
Lecture-15 Electric Dipole00:00:00
Lecture-16 Electric dipole moment00:45:09
Lecture-17 Electric dipole at axial line00:41:29
Lecture-18 electric dipole at equatorial line00:54:01
Lecture-19 electric dipole at equatorial line00:54:56
Lecture-20 Electric dipole at any point00:34:40
Lecture-21 Electric dipole at any point electric field00:54:10

Material Includes

  • Assignment and chapter wise online test


  • Students at least completed 11th class and 10th with 45%.

Target Audience

  • Students
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