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Unit -1. Electrostaitics?

Electrostatics, the study of electromagnetic phenomena that occur when there are no moving charges—i.e., after a static equilibrium has been established. Charges reach their equilibrium positions rapidly, because the electric force is extremely strong.

Unit – 2. Electric current?

An electric current is a flow of electric charge in a circuit. More specifically, the electric current is the rate of charge flow past a given point in an electric circuit. The charge can be negatively charged electrons or positive charge carriers including protons, positive ions or holes.

Unit -3 Electric current of magnetic effect?

The magnetic effect of electric current is known as electromagnetic effect. It is observed that when a compass is brought near a current carrying conductor the needle of compass gets deflected because of flow of electricity. This shows that electric current produces a magnetic effect.

unit 4 Magnetism and matter?

Magnetic materials tend to point in the north-south direction. Like magnetic poles repel and unlike ones attract. Magnetic poles cannot be isolated i.e. always exists in pairs. Magnetic induction:- A magnet induces magnetism in a magnetic substance placed near it
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